Our Family

Opa! (Greek: Ώπα), is a common Greek verbal emotional expression
used frequently during celebrations or dancing in Greece.

Opa Pizzaria Portland Sellwood PizzaChef Tony Karagounis was born in the small town of Nerotrivia, Greece. It was there he grew his passion for cooking before moving to the United States.

Suzy Karagounis, an Oregon native, was living in Alaska when she met Tony, her then-soon-to-be-husband. Over the years they have worked well together opening several successful restaurants in Alaska and Oregon all while raising their four children: Kristina, Alex, Angela, and Nick.

Now Tony and Suzy, with the help of their daughter Kristina, have the pleasure of owning and operating Opa Pizzaria. Drawing on their generations of rich family traditions they’ve developed a menu that’s a wonderful mix of Old-World Greece and New World Pizzaria. It’s their family’s offering of excellent food and family-style dining to the Pacific Northwest. Many of their dishes are recipes that have been passed down over many generations, so stop by the next time you’re in Sellwood and see what all the fuss is about!


Opa Pizzaria Portland Sellwood Pizza